Financial and Operational Management

Our Long Term Strategy

Henderson & Myers meets monthly with the management team to review financial and strategic direction using the principles of margin management. And we partner with your team to develop operational plans that focus on long-term strategies and profitability.

Operational Excellence

Improving financial results through leadership, operational focus and teamwork, utilizing the appropriate management techniques to accomplish the defined objectives.


Provide thought leadership and workable solutions to deliver sustainable business improvements that will ultimately increase the operational profitability of each client and empower them to reach their potential.

Disciplined Decision Making

Establish a comprehensive approach which establishes viable margins, disciplined cost structure, and proactive initiatives creating a forward-thinking framework for better decisions.


Partner with the client’s team and provide complementary skill sets to create a highly functional team focused on operational excellence.

Margin Management

Focus on gross profit that develops a better understanding of key business processes and that drive profitability of a company using a defined method and process, partnering with clients to ensure success.

Project Management

Prove the art and skill using a set of principles, methods, tools and techniques for effective management of objective-oriented work in the context of a specific and unique organizational environment.

Change Management

Provide the skill on how to change key processes at the right pace to ensure continued operational excellence.